7 June 2020

Octogon Mag features Little house near the woods

In a recent series of online articles by the prestigious Octogon Magazine, readers were presented with 33 projects nominated for the coveted House of the Year award – first to be featured in the series was a home located in Szada, Hungary, designed by our very own Andrea Himer and Orsolya Braun.

“The house was erected in Panoráma Street in Szada – the very last plot on the edge of the village, adjacent to the woods, with a mesmerising view over the Gödöllő Hills. With consideration to the peculiar features of the parcel, we went on to design a long, but rather narrow building that presents a simple, subtle mass with a span-roof when viewed form the street. However, the traditional form so typical to strip-shaped plots becomes more graceful in the back. As it follows the line of the sloped terrain, the house gradually proceeds to open up toward the garden and the natural surroundings with larger and larger glass surfaces.”

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