9 July 2020

What you want to be when you grow up: Interview with Orsolya Braun

The editor of the interview series entitled “What you want to be when you grow up” aims to provide guidance for broad-minded, inspired high school students in choosing a future career path. In the latest edition of the series, Orsolya Braun sat down with Márton Kaposi to talk about becoming an architect.

Márton Kaposi: Is it right to assume that higher-level studies are indispensable for working in this field?

Orsolya Braun: Absolutely. Even with a university degree in your hands, you won’t be allowed to create designs of your own. That takes two years of practice and a qualification exam. Only then can you start designing your own buildings.

Márton Kaposi: Could you tell us a few words about the university training?

Orsolya Braun: Budapest tech students often say in September: only one sleep till’ Christmas. We had to draw a plot, and staying in was really tough. On one occasion, we skipped two nights’ sleep, because a key deadline was around the corner. A colleague of mine overdosed on caffeine once, and she hasn’t been able to drink coffee ever since. This is certainly not your average “partying through college” major.

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