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Woodland tranquility

The house was erected on a forest-covered hillside in the village of Szada, with a mesmerising view over the Gödöllő Hills. With consideration to the peculiar features of the parcel, we went on to design a long, but rather narrow building that presents a simple, subtle mass with a span-roof when viewed form the street. Following the line of the sloped terrain, the house gradually proceeds to open up toward the garden and the natural surroundings with larger and larger glass surfaces.

A spacious living room/dining room/kitchen unit constitutes the “soul” of the house, while further spaces include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry, a walk-in closet, and a garage with a separate entrance. The plot is sloped toward the back, thus we opted for multiple split-levels, which gave the house an exciting external appearance and resulted in some astonishing, unconventional spaces inside. The client expected us to design a structure that meets the requirements for a passive house – therefore, various building structures, key structural points, as well as the MEP systems were drawn up accordingly.

Szada, Hungary


255 M2

Family home

Andrea Himer

Interior architect Krisztina Sarkadi [MOOD.STUDIO]
Photographer Dávid Berkes [DAVDESIGN.HU]

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